Violent crimes up, traffic crimes down: Lincoln Police crime trends in 2020

Violent crimes up, traffic crimes down: Lincoln Police crime trends in 2020

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – 2020 was a year unlike any other, with so many people facing new circumstances. The full effects of these events in unknown, but 10/11 NOW is looking into how it may have affected crime and police activity.

The data, pulled from the Lincoln Police Department website, ranges from arrests and traffic tickets to robberies, homicides, fraud, shoplifting and more.

Many of these categories saw increases in 2020. The biggest was in auto thefts, which were up 59% in 2020, compared to the five year average.

Homicides were also up 52% in 2020. The five year average is 4.6 homicides, in 2020 there were seven. Just one of those is 69-year-old Sharon Johnson, who was fatally shot while riding a city bus. Her murder took place in July, along with two other homicides and a fatal shooting ruled an accident between two friends.

Another notable increase is aggravated assaults which were up 37% in 2020.

An increase that sustained nearly the entire year were car break-ins. They were up 33% in 2020, with 390 reported in April alone, that’s the highest monthly total in the six years of data 10/11 NOW examined.

Other areas saw decreases in 2020.

The biggest was in traffic related data points. There was a 56% drop in officers handing out traffic warnings and a 35% drop in traffic tickets. There was also a 21% decrease in traffic crashes.

Another big drop was a 31% decrease in misdemeanor arrests.

The Lincoln Police Department declined to comment on this story as they are working on their own review of crime trends in 2020 which will be released late January. 10/11 NOW will bring you their data and take on the trends at that time.


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